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and good morning, everyone. i'm elizabeth vargas. good morning to our viewers in the west. josh and sam are in new orleans. they rode down with robin. back home with her family for the first time since her bone marrow transplant. she's working her way back step by step. step by happy step. we'll have more on that later. such an important part of her recovery and she was so excited to get down to that region. but first, let's get to that blast at the u.s. embassy in ankara. let's start with pierre. one of the most heavily fortified embassies in the middle east. it happened in the middle of the day. >> reporter: the situation is veried fluid. we're trying to get more details. a blast at the gate to the u.s.
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embassy. the state department is calling this a terrorist attack. the associated press is reporting that the u.s. ambassador has told reporters there that a guard at the gate was killed. at least one turkish citizen has wounded. they're calling it a suicide bombing. rescue personnel are at the scene. u.s. officials here in washington are pressing to get more information. pierre homegrown islamic terrorists have exploded bombs in istanbul before. any claims of responsibility on this attack? >> reporter: no details on who might have done this. intelligence officials are trying to get to the bottom of this. let's bring in jon karl with the white house reaction to the embassy explosion. jon, in the wake of the benghazi, libya, attack, lot of focus on security. >> reporter: no doubt since that, that's been a pair mount securing our embassies. this is one of the most heavily fortified embassies in the world. i have been there. there are several security points that you have to go to
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get inside the embassy in ankara. some concerns, don't know if there was specific threats on this embassy. the state department on their website that was there before this attack, there is continuing threat of terrorist attack against u.s. citizens throughout turkey. obviously, looking for some sort claim of responsibility. the latest details on that scare in the night overnight. an alaska airlines pilot lost consciousness in midair and collapsed right in front of the passengers. abc's neal karlinsky has been tracking this all night. >> reporter: when the plane landed here in portland overnight, it was met by emergency crews and lots of questions. how could the pilot suddenly pass out with 116 passengers on board depending on him in the middle of a flight? >> there's the -- >> reporter: if it sounds matter
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of fact, the scene in the cockpit was anything but. as an alaska airlines pilot l e loses consciousness mid-flight. >> 121 souls on board and approximately 10,000 pounds of fuel. >> reporter: the flight took off from los angeles at 6:30 p.m. and was due to land in seattle at 9:30. portland international said they received a report around 8:50 that an alaska airlines flight was inbound to portland because one of the pilots was unconsciousness or passed out. a passenger onboard said the pilot opened the cabin door and collapsed into the aisle. according to alaska airlines, the copilot took control of the plane, while a doctor on board attended to the captain. >> it is very rare that we have a pilot actually pass out, lose consciousness or have a physical impairment in the cockpit. when it does happen, that's the reason that we have two people up there very well trained. >> reporter: john nance is an
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abc news consultant and a former pilot for alaska airlines. >> your very first job as the copilot is, if the captain should keel over, is to fly the airplane. number one. and try to revive him and figure out what is going on when you can. >> reporter: the plane landed safely in portland and was met by paramedics. passengers were put on another flight that made to it seattle overnight. the pilot was taken to the hospital. in a statement, alaska airlines said that the pilot has been flying for them for 28 years. no word on the medical problem. the first officer is very experienced in his own right. he's been flying for alaska for 11 years. still a lot of questions here, george. >> boy, there sure are. must have been so scary to see that pilot go down. >> and the airline saying it's a pre-existing medical condition. you have to ask, why, with that, are you flying a commercial airplane? more questions to be answered for sure.
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now we're going to that latest gut-wrenching hostage situation in alabama and that 5-year-old boy held captive since he was snatched from his school bus at gunpoint on tuesday afternoon. his kidnapper is holding him in an underground bunker. that's surrounded by police s.w.a.t. teams. gio benitez is in midland with more. >> reporter: elizabeth, good morning. police have no reason to believe that this child has been harmed. that's good news. but people in this community are holding their breath, hoping that this little boy named ethan is let go soon. as hour 64 of this underground standoff approaches, tensions grow in this small alabama town, enveloped by police and s.w.a.t. teams. all hoping 5-year-old ethan gets out alive. >> that's an innocent kid. let him go back to his parents. he's crying for his parents and his grandparents. he does not know what is going on. let this kid go. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes stormed on to a school bus.
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>> believe the children, a child is on the line with us advising that the bus driver's been shot. >> reporter: that driver, charles poland, was shot dead before dykes took ethan to the bunker. >> i have actually seen the hole, thing bunker that he's in now. he's got steps made out of cinder blocks going down to it. >> reporter: neighbors say dykes has isolated himself in the bunker for as long as eight days before. police say that he may have enough supplies to last him weeks. today, why do we know so little about dykes? >> one of the reasons they're keeping the negotiations close to the vest and not releasing his picture is to try to insulate the situation as much as possible so that they don't have a situation, where they have to deal with his anger and rage. >> ethan's mom did want me to convey a message to the
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community and to the people of this area. that she's extremely grateful for all the prayers, that that's what's getting her through. >> reporter: meanwhile, children are trying to understand why this happened to their friend. >> he always plays at my house. i miss him. i miss him a lot. >> reporter: and you might be wondering, did dykes know little ethan before any of this? right now, police don't believe so. >> all right, gio, our hearts go out to that little boy and his family and hoping for a good event in this. let's go to josh for the other developing stories. he's in new orleans at the super bowl center. >> good morning, elizabeth, and we're going to start with news out of the city. former new york city mayor ed koch has died. he was the face of the city in the '80s. known worldwide for a feisty style and for helping to rescue new york from near financial ruin. he died this morning. he was 88 years old.
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we turn now to the price of gas, about to set a record for this time of the year. numbers out this morning have shown that prices have risen 13 cents in the last two weeks. the national average, $3.46 per gallon. you can blame a slowdown at refineries and the rising cost of crude oil. and we're getting our first major read how the economy is faring thus far. 157,000 jobs were created. fewer than the economists had expected. the unemployment ticked up slightly. raising from 7.8% to 7.9%. and a $30,000 reward is now being offered following the brazen murder of an assistant district attorney near dallas. mark hasse was ambushed by a masked gunman, shot five times while walking into court. investigators believe he may have been targeted for investigating the aryan brotherhood. we have a developing story south of the border. a massive explosion at the headquarters of mexico's state-run oil agency in mexico city.
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25 people were killed. more than 100 injured. more could be buried in the rubble. no word on what caused the explosion. today is secretary of state hillary clinton's final day in office. but she's not leaving without issuing a warning. clinton says that iran is getting more involved in syria's civil war. so much so that a wider conflict involving israel is becoming more likely. and just this morning, israeli warplanes reportedly flew over lebanon two days after attacking targets inside syria. and finally, big news considering super bowl weekend is always one of top weekends for the consumption of beer. the government is suing to keep the owner of anheuser-busch from buying the company that makes corona. budweiser is the number one domestic beer.
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corona is the number one import. as you can imagine, george and elizabeth, massive news down here in new orleans. >> oh, yes. >> a lot of concern there. okay, we're going to switch gears now to an airport security alert. a new report that questions whether millions of your tax money is being wasted on bomb-sniffing dogs that can't find bombs. >> reporter: we have all seen bomb-sniffing dogs. making their what through the nation's airports. a new gao report slams the government for spending $100 million on a new program before knowing how well it would actually work. this is the way it's supposed to work. in this tsa video, a bomb-sniffing dog locks in on an explosive training device on this man posing as passenger in a covert government test. good dog.
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at times, the dogs fail. look closely at another tsa video. the woman on the left in pink has an explosive training device in her backpack. but the dog walks right past her to pursue a passenger who has nothing dangerous. rewind the tape. let's look again. right there, the dog goes right past the woman with the explosive training device and keeps tracking the innocent passenger. >> you're using the dogs in ways that they've not previously been used. >> reporter: the report finds that tsa really doesn't know how good the dogs are at tracking explosives in a dynamic environment where people are moving in all directions. the report finds that more than 700 canine units have been deployed without knowing their effectiveness. in addition, a report found that some dogs are not getting the required monthly training. >> they want to do the right thing. the homework hasn't been done. a lot of money gets spent before they know something works.
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>> reporter: in a statement, the tsa acknowledged that they're looking for ways to improve the assessments of how well the dogs are performing. now, we're going to turn to the very latest twist in the manti te'o story and the elaborate love hoax. we're hearing more now from the man who duped the notre dame football star. ronaiah tuiasosopo is opening up about the relationship he had with te'o. abc's linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with dr. phil, ronaiah tuiasosopo, the confessed mastermind behind the manti te'o girlfriend hoax, refused to re-create the female voice. >> i love you so much. >> i can't, even if i tried. there was a whole lot that went into pushing me to do something like that, to go that extreme. even if i try, it doesn't come out right. >> reporter: dr. phil keeps pushing. saying that he had the voice mails analyzed. >> the chance that you are the person on that voice mail is
7:13 am
like 1 in 10 million. >> i've never done it in front of people. i was in a dark room. i just don't want to do it with all these cameras. >> reporter: but no topic seems off-limits. from his sexuality. >> i would say yeah, i'm gay. but honestly, i'm so confused. i'm so lost. i'm just finding me. >> reporter: to what te'o really knew. >> he had no idea. >> reporter: ronaiah tuiasosopo explains how it all began. te'o, friending a not knowing tuiasosopo was the man behind this picture. >> all of my energy went into this. as twisted and confusing as it may be, yeah, i cared for this person. >> reporter: and as to why he chose to kill off lennay on the very day te'o's grandmother died? >> that morning, when he hit me with that, i said, i'm here for you, i'm praying for your family. he went on and said, no, i don't
7:14 am
need you. it hit me like a brick wall. i was like, whoa. right then and there, i made the decision. i can't do this lennay thing anymore. i ended it. okay, now let's go back to josh in new orleans. counting down to the super bowl. more than 100 million americans will tune in for the big game, the ads, and beyonce. josh, your tailgate party has already begun. >> it has. in fact,it began almost a day ago when we flew down here with robin. more on that in a bit. the countdown to the kickoff of that game now. so much excitement here. for a super bowl that has already made history on the sidelines. because it will be brothers facing off, going head to head. regardless who goes home a champion on sunday night, the biggest of easies knows how to get it done. ♪ even though it won't be the new orleans saints marching into their superdome come sunday, the
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city and its people are alight with singularly southern hospitality. almost 200,000 fans are expected to arrive to the big easy for super bowl xlvii between the san francisco 49ers and the baltimore ravens. but before the biggest of games, visiting fans are mixing the pageantry of carnival on bourbon street with the sheer love of good old american football. much of the excitement for the super bowl this year comes from the head coaching matchup between the harbaugh brothers. 49ers coach jim and ravens coach john. separated by a mere 15 months. >> jim is a competitive guy. he'll come to compete. he always has and he always will. >> i think he's probably the best in the national football league. >> reporter: they're the first brothers to ever coach against each other for a major american sports championship. and a historymaking game that many have dubbed the harbowl.
7:16 am
a matchup almost a half-century in the making. >> who got it better than us? >> all: nobody! >> reporter: with each brother at his professional pinnacle at the same moment, the entire harbaugh clan is celebrating. >> they are who they are. and i'm proud of them for that. >> hopefully, when the game's over, they're going to have a smile on their faces. >> reporter: oh, it's going to be such a sight. mom and dad will be happy for at least one of their sons. our friends at espn have the super bowl covered. analysts weighing in on everything you're going to need to know. do not miss espn's four-hour super bowl edition of "sunday nfl countdown" with boomer and the gang. beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. well, sam, we turn now to the weather. it's not brisk here in new orleans. still so many problems. >> the big storm we talked about for several days. behind it, a shot of cold air. whiteout conditions, blinding
7:17 am
snow. we'll show you some pictures from detroit, about 30 to 40. at least 30 cars and trucks. three dead in this scene. this continued all of the way through indiana. highways closed for several hours because of it. take a look at the morning wind chills. by the way, the lake-effect snow machine continues today in the areas that have had lake-effect snow yesterday. 39, 34 below from fargo to duluth. you're looking at new york, the teens, wind chills later this morning. the cold air sinks to the south. it sinks all the way into south florida. 68 in orlando. if you're looking ahead to what may happen on super bowl sunday. things looking pretty good in new orleans on that day.
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>> there is so much coming up in new orleans. like, oh, no, hide that. emeril's here.
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>> emeril's right over here. >> back to new york. george, elizabeth? >> one big head. coming up, beyonce's blockbuster move. breaking her silence on lip-synching by singing the national anthem live. >> that was amazing. and what an unbelievable homecoming for robin on the gulf coast. with josh and sam. first time since her bone marrow transplant. look that smile. >> oh, she looks great. and it's a huge "gma" super tailgate party in the big easy. josh, sam, emeril, and tim mcgraw, all with us on "gma." and tim mcgraw, all with us on "gma." and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom.
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>> now, from abc7 news good morning, i am kristen sze. an amber alert is in affect for a toddler missing from oakland after the suspect turned himself in. a highway sign shows the amber alert in oakland and some was issued after a woman told authorities a husband drove away with their daughter after domestic dispute but there was no child when he surrendered. the child one-year-old african-american child. police are listening for the girl and trying to determine if there was an abduction in the first place. >> sue is following the commute. >> northbound 680 at pleasant hill we had an early accident in the two last lanes and debris in
7:24 am
the southbound. the accident has been cleared. you can see southbound moving toward 242, rather, 24 is jammed. west four at 242 we have a new accident. accident. >> mike nicco cheoman) 3 days og
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>> check out other temperatures, mid 30's inland, and fremont and oakland and san francisco in the
7:27 am
upper 40's and temperatures today from 4 to 8 degrees above average. here is the seven-day outlook, cooler with less sunshine tomorrow, and much cooler next
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♪ you know where they are. new orleans, the big easy. and robin roberts so happy to be home right there. look at her smile. look at josh and sam behind her. they all rode down for her first
7:29 am
homecoming since the bone marrow transplant. so great to see her. every day one step closer to returning to "gma." >> this trip was important for her, part of her emotional recovery. she was so excited to get down there. >> and josh and sam having a good time right now. >> did they go to bed last night? >> we're going have to ask them later. >> i'm betting no. >> josh is specializing in the cheerleaders. all right, coming up, we're going have more on the blockbuster move by beyonce in the big easy as well. she finally broke her silence over the controversy of the inauguration. she took the stage at a press conference and belted out to prove to everybody, in case there was any question, that she could sing it and sing it you've believably well. >> that will clam them up. and a life after anna nicole
7:30 am
smith. her 6-year-old daughter, the father, larry birkhead, moving on. how he's trying to keep life normal for his little girl. >> that cannot be easy. all that plus country superstar tim mcgraw. he's taking center stage. that is live in new orleans. we'll have a bunch of big songs from him coming up. but first, right to beyonce and her bold move at the press conference. she admitted to using a recorded track at the inauguration. she silenced many critics by breaking out in the national anthem acapella. >> it was a stunning move. in the biggest of ways, facing the music, by breaking into song. a stunning move by the superstar. take a look and listen. >> would you guys mind standing? ♪ o say can you see
7:31 am
>> reporter: it was the acapella answer. ♪ by the dawn's >> reporter: to ten days of mounting questions. ♪ so proudly we hailed >> reporter: beyonce took the stage at her super bowl press conference on thursday and belted the national anthem without any help at all. ♪ the bomb's bursting in air >> reporter: the 16-time grammy winner finally explained her now infamous performance at the inauguration. >> i did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. it was a live television show. and due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable takinge ing ing a r. i decided to sing along with my prerecorded track, which is very common in the music industry. >> reporter: a resounding rebuttal to headlines like this. ♪ that our flag was still there ♪
7:32 am
any questions? >> reporter: her impromtu performance sent it into team "b" overload. russell similar mons summed it up. beyonce killed it. ♪ the free >> reporter: the diva began super bowl weekend on a high note. ♪ brave >> reporter: and gave fans a peek at her half time performance where one thing is for certain. >> i will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do. ♪ the brave >> reporter: boy, that performance, nothing if not brave. we can't wait to see her perform live here on sunday. new clues to what we might
7:33 am
expect come half time sunday night. more on that in the next hour. george, for now, back to you. >> let's bring if howard bragman. we've both been involved in plenty of damage control situations. this has to be the cleanest kill of a controversy i have seen. >> as a pr guy, i'm like, boy, i wish i had thought of that. when you have to address allegations, you spend a lot of time playing defense. the moment she said, could everybody please rise, she took offense. >> she did wait some time. that almost builds up the anticipation? >> it did. they were smart enough to realize this was a two-week window from the inauguration to the super bowl. it wasn't like it was immediately going to go away if she tweted or addressed it. it was just brilliant building up the anticipation. >> the other thing that helped her is that it was her voice at
7:34 am
the inauguration. >> and she was smart enough to know that in politics, it's going to be controversial. you remember four years ago, arooet sa that sang, her voice cracked, she took criticism for that. no matter what you do, you'll take criticism. >> probably no better they, i'm not saying she planned it, but no better way to build the excitement for sunday night. >> the news is everywhere. who doesn't want to see her at halftime now. >> we're all going to be watching. thanks, howard. >> thanks, george. >> back to new orleans and the weather. >> look whapts at new orleans all hours of the day and night. beautiful, gorgeous sunrise over the new orleans area. a crowd you would not believe has come to "good morning america." here's what's happening. there's the gorgeous sunrise coming up over new orleans. a live shot of washington, d.c.,
7:35 am
i believe, if we have one. to talk about the snow in that area. here comes in the lake-effect snow. all the way into the mountains of west virginia and virginia as well. a little bit of snow in d.c. and baltimore enough to make the roads slippery. over a foot on the lake shores. all the lake-effect snow areas, get ready. how about a little bit of northwest? we've settled the fog situation into the south for later on today. the smog situation from seattle to portland is back. the air is snag nant. 51 in seattle, 61 in san francisco. new orleans, it will be gorgeous and glorious.
7:36 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by dove. all of it. haul that weather brought to you by dove. i can't thank the city of new orleans enough forshowing up with us this morning. back to you, elizabeth. >> all right, sam, in a sea of pom-poms. coming up, a special and emotional homecoming. robin trourns the gulf coast. we can't wait to shear it with you. >> thank you. oh, roomies! out their body wash. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture. so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. this is care.
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♪ back at 7:41. i have to say. right there. the crowd behind us is chanting danceoff, danceoff. >> it could happen. anything can happen in new orleans. what a perfect morning this morning. now, josh and i got leer, we hit the road with robin yesterday. traveling here with her as she headed home to see her family. this visit home is all part of an emotional recovery for robin. she's still working just in spurts. that's her doctors orders. when it's okay to work, she'll work. when it's not, she'll take a break. she gets stronger and stronger. she'll return to work full time. this trip is all about family. take a look. >> all: swabbin' for robin. >> reporter: for our friend robin, spending time with friends and family is an important part of her recovery.
7:41 am
>> oh! roomy! the mascot. >> reporter: an amazing homecoming trip. josh and i happy to be along for the ride. she came home to give thanks to so many people that lifted her up, like the students of southeastern louisiana university. they registered hundreds of donors through the swabbin' for robin campaign. >> this really means a lot. my mama said make your mess your message. you all have helped me do that. i'm so proud to be a lion! mighty, mighty! >> reporter: covering us with beads and basketballs, they sent us off in big easy style. >> what is new orleans for you? >> the culture, the food, the people. it's home. ♪ >> reporter: what welcome, with kermit, the rebirth brass band
7:42 am
and the swirng, we found ourselves dancing right out of the car. ♪ parts of me haven't moved like that in awhile. >> sam and josh, a dear family friend, this is annette. this is her place. >> reporter: and robin's friends at the wisdom reception center brought mardy grie brought mardi gras to us. the food, the music, the friendship, helping her to feel a sense of normalcy. >> welcome to my home. >> reporter: and our robin brings the energy and humor. >> dr. giralt, just fruit juice. guy, thanks for the ride home. i'm going leave you in great hands. great hands. somebody who knows this city better than i do. >> oh, come on. welcome home. >> thank you, good to be home.
7:43 am
>> reporter: our next big surprise, look who it is? our friend emeril lagasse here to take us out on the town. >> whoa! >> here we go, you ready? let's go. >> go, new orleans. >> think what we should do is get a cup of chickory coffee, have some beignets, we'll go from there. the original french market, cafe du monde. are you ready? here we go. >> and then we ate and ate and ate. >> and ate and ate and ate. >> it was amazing. it was so good. >> it was so good to be here with robin. >> so much happening still in new orleans. don't miss it. we have to go back to new york. wait until we come back here. >> cheers to you guys. we're having our own super bowl party here in the new york studios. >> i have a feeling there's
7:44 am
video we may not have seen. coming up, the "gma" tailgate party is kicking off. tim mcgraw and emlil ril will be back. and josh has an incredible "play of the day." jerry rice and emmitt smith with him. don't go anywhere. ... the westgate cousins went old-school to decide who pays the check... a local book club raved about the cliffhangers in the new crime novel... and some b-f-fs from college joked about looking up old flames on facebook -- all over delicious entrees like our new parmesan crusted steak from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here. he went to jared. the ballet slippers? i used to dance. hearts? it's called the red hot love bead... oh. ...i've said too much. [ female announcer ] celebrate life's unforgettable moments with pandora charms and bracelets.
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7:48 am
♪ it is the most special "play of the day" here in new orleans. because we have two of the all-tirms to help us out. greatest wide receiver to ever walk the face of the earth, jerry rice. and another three-time super bowl winner in emmitt smith. you know, they also graced the dance floor with "dancing with the stars." real quick, jerry, you're down here. a special reason. >> s.a.p., they've partnered with the nfl. they're giving you unique stats
7:49 am
and insight into the game of football. they just bring in the fans closer to the game. and you can go to for all of it. >> and emmitt, a special car. >> i'm working with the lincoln motor company. i've been working with them since december. i'm riding around new orleans in the 2013 mkz. the first national super bowl ad coming out this weekend. a 30-second ad in the third quarter. a 90-second ad online. you can go online and check out the 90-second ad. i'm the voice of the deejay on the radio. as the lady's driving the car. >> you got 30 seconds, josh. >> i know this is baltimore. you're going for the niners. are we going the tape? >> no, no. the tape. how josh almost killed a producer throwing a football. >> live, live. this is the "play of the day." >> and then look. look.
7:50 am
it's great catch. oh! but it wasn't great pass. that's all i'm saying. the irs has delayed the start of tax season.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news, original i am kristen sze. the city of oakland offers i.d. cards in a new program to resident would do not have official identification. the i.d. prepaid mastercard doubles as a debit card. it will be available for $15 fee at offices in the city extra and fruitvale district. it is warming up slightly this morning. we will check with mike nicco. >> coming off our morning lows. a lost 30's inland where 40's around the bay. headed in the afternoon temperatures are like yesterday, a couple of degrees from that, so mid-to-upper 60's and low 60's at the beaches and rain and cooler next week. >> good morning, mike, a couple of problems in san jose, southbound 680, a car is in a ditch off the road but tow truck could be partly blocking north 87 at the expressway accident on the shoulder and light at day
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ good morning, america. are you ready to party new orleans style? we're live from the big easy. >> look at that. >> and what a special morning it is. a homecoming for robin roberts on the gulf coast.
7:59 am
and superstar tim mcgraw performs live. >> we're taking over the french quarter. plus, we've got emeril, a saint, and josh and sam. on one epic road trip. buckle up, america. "gma's" biggest tailgate party ever starts right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> yes, it does. and a good morning to you, america. live from the big easy. hello to elizabeth and lara. there in new york. george had to go minutes ago down to washington. we're having a great time. i just want to say, robin roberts go long here. there you go. she's right there, everybody. she's right there. she's, i'm touching her right now. it's amazing. what an emotional homecoming. >> nothing better. >> oh, nice. >> than seeing robin's smiling face.
8:00 am
she's behind the scenes on doctor's orders. she's getting back her sea legs, getting her tv legs together. >> robin. let's go. here we are. >> i can't tell you how wonderful it is just to be around her. we've got so much going on in new orleans. new orleans is alive for robin roberts. a couple of other things happening. we have the gospel choir with us that is going to be singing at the super bowl. ♪ the sky is the limit to what i can have what i can have so believe god will perform ♪ ♪ i've got a miracle every day god will make a way out of the way to believe and repeat god will provide ♪ and if that is not enough for you, knowing robin's here, a little gospel music. we've got tim mcgraw here. >> tim mcgraw is here. >> emeril is here. >> we've got emeril lagasse
8:01 am
here. >> emeril is here with a boat load of crawfish. >> we have so much to get to. elizabeth and lara. boy, you are missed. >> i love how josh is going, we've got tim mcgraw here, we've got emeril here, we've got cheerleaders here. >> we have each other. we have each other. >> and our lovely drinks. cheers, lara. but we're going to get more on the beyonce news conference where she wowed everybody yesterday. belting out the national anthem. she's been rehearsing for this halftime show for weeks and weeks and weeks. clues out today on what may be the top-secret part of the halftime show. >> a lot of speculation about whether or not we'll see her destiny's child band mates or singing mates. also coming up on the show, life right now for anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter. father larry birkhead is speaking out about how he's trying to keep her life normal. >> at the same time, she's sort of following in her mom's footsteps. she's modeling now for guess jeans.
8:02 am
but first, back to josh with the top stories. hey, josh. good morning, elizabeth. we begin with breaking news this morning. a bombing outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. initial reports indicate a suicide bomber was behind the attack inside a security check point at the entrance of the embassy complex in ankara. at least two people were killed. turkish media claiming that both victims reported to be security guards. no claim of responsibility yet. we'll have updates for you as they become available. a big scare for passengers on an alaska airlines flight overnight. somewhere over oregon, the pilot opened the door of the cockpit and then passed out on the floor. thankfully, the copilot was able to take over, make a smooth emergency landing in portland. the pilot in question rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. we'll have that update for you as well. meanwhile, this morning, new
8:03 am
information about the job market. this morning, the labor department reports 157,000 jobs were created nationwide in january, fewer than economists had expected. the unemployment rate actually ticked up slightly from 7.8% to 7.9%. and you may have a tougher time finding cold and flu medicine now in the stores. 2.3 million bottles of theraflu and triaminic are being recalled because of faulty child resistant caps. there have been several cases of children reportedly getting into them. at least one child needing medical attention. so take a look, please, in your medicine cabinets at home. and a disaster in china. a truck carrying fireworks somehow detonated. and take a look at the aftermath. you see it there. a truck crossing an elevated highway at the time. the blast powerful enough to send the whole highway, highway crashing down. dozens of cars and trucks plummeted some 100 feet to the ground. more than two dozen people were killed.
8:04 am
and news there out of new york city, former new york city mayor ed koch has died. he'll be remembered for brash but very politically effective style, helped rescue new york city during its financial crisis and near financial ruin in the 1980s. ed koch was 88 years old. and finally, a biker who got, well, the girl, may soon be getting something else. a day in court. hector martinez brought traffic to a standstill so that, wait for it. he could propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a busy los angeles freeway. his girlfriend may have said yes. but police say, he could have caused an accident. he certainly angered some folks. no doubt happy that the wedding will continue. this morning, they're deciding whether to charge him with impeding traffic. that would be a felony. lara, i know as a fellow, los angeles resident of some time,
8:05 am
that's sticky. that's nothing if not sticky. i'm happy for him. but, come on guy. >> a felony to impede traffic? i didn't know that. i wonder if he did. >> josh, i miss you. you know what i'm about to do now? >> i miss you, too, guys. "pop news." >> you got it. you got it. hopefully, you'll join me. you have a bell on hand. >> i do. >> here we go. elizabeth, hold my hand. this is our first time doing this solo. >> you can do it. all right, here we go, everybody. "pop news." happy friday morning to you. the baltimore ravens seem to be the clear super bowl favorite this year. at least according to those in the know. by those in the know, i mean teddy bear the porcupine, mr. nuts the cat, and princess the camel, and a handful of puppies. all of those creatures indicate a win for baltimore on sunday. >> really? >> for the record, teddy bear, princess, and mr. nuts all bet
8:06 am
on new york last year and won. so, clearly they -- >> the animal kingdom is rooting for baltimore. >> the animal kingdom has spoken. and it says -- especially mr. nuts. he says the ravens are going to win. nothing says baby boom like the dulcet tones of boyz ii men. at least that's what they hope in russia. where the country is experiencing a bit of a crisis. a declining birthrate. so much so, president vladimir putin is calling in the best-selling band for help. he's invited them to perform next week in moscow in hopes of giving russian couples inspiration in time for valentine's day. and they'd better get busy. putin wants three babies in every home. >> boyz ii men is babymaking? >> oh, no, scotty, please stop. josh and sam, you're on camera, behave you guys.
8:07 am
finally, everybody, we're going to find out on sunday, who is more sure handed, the ravens or the 49ers? but the big losers during the game could be millions of americans who fumble their phones. i'm guilty of this. new research from square trade finds 23 million americans have damaged their phones or tablets during sporting events by dropping them on the floor, into liquid. >> what, your drink? the sink? >> i have dropped my phone into a drink. >> have you? >> it was once. long story. or a toilet. but we have tips for you to protect your phone. they include keeping it in your hand -- no, not in your hand. at hand but not in your hand during a game. count to ten if you're angry about a play. don't throw it at the television. never take your phone to the bathroom. >> right, right. >> you're going to make a call while you're sitting there? >> ew. >> don't do it. don't do it. don't take the phone.
8:08 am
i hate that when people are on the phone in the bathroom. i always want to say, you know, they're in the bathroom on the phone. >> this is a different show entirely. >> hey, everybody. hey, everybody. look who is here. not only do we have cheerleaders and a gospel choir -- i'm old, i'm coming down. tell me your name. where you are from? >> marvin. >> and you? >> i'm rayna. >> jody, from new orleans. >> amy, from new orleans. >> amy from new orleans. we got a new orleans crowd in the house. i know you have a lot going on this weekend. let's get to the weekend plans. we'll show you exactly what is happening outside your doors. there's a wind chill issue with this new system that's dropped out of the great lakes and moving on to the east coast. look at the cold air following. international falls this morning with wind chill warnings and advisories out. 27 below zero. green bay, 23 below. it's so nice and mild here in new orleans. but it just gets better and better. i was going earlier today with 62 on sunday in new orleans. but i think, i think, new
8:09 am
orleans, we're going to really get closer to 70 degrees on super bowl sunday. that is nothing short of amazing. into the northwest, we've got the air stagnation situation with the fog. and it will wo ♪ hey to believe and receive god will perform it today ♪ >> hey, i expect a miracle. we're in new orleans. robin roberts is here as well. josh elliott is here. tim mcgraw is here. emeril lagasse is here.
8:10 am
there is so much going on. i guess we gotta go back to new york for one hot second. >> please give our love to robin roberts and everyone else down there in new orleans. it looks like such a good time. we have so much coming up on the "gma" morning menu. beyonce, new clues to the top secret super bowl halftime show. plus, life for anna nicole smith's 6-year-old daughter. that beautiful little girl, and her father, larry, now speaking out about her life. and country superstar tim mcgraw is live with us at the house of blues in the big easy. all of that and so much more, coming up on "good morning america," live in times square and new orleans. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ let's go. ♪
8:11 am
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now with what is shaping up to be one of the biggest super bowl halftime shows ever. beyonce belting out the national anthem live at a press conference on thursday. that put all questions to rest. she's saying that she'll definitely sing live on sunday. she also revealed a few secrets about what she has planned. for halftime. abc's chris connelly has all the details. ♪ oh, killing me softly >> reporter: it's a super bowl halftime show so eagerly anticipated it might keep the players from going to the locker room. at yesterday's press conference, superstar beyonce offered a rare peek into her perfectionist
8:16 am
planning. >> we've been preparing for about four or five months. so -- of course, i'm nervous. >> reporter: getting ready is half the battle. with the 31-year-old saying she's had to be a little bit practical as she's imagined how her 12-minute set will go. >> 7 1/2 minutes for the volunteers to put the stage together. and it took so many months to just decide what the stage was, because some of the thing that were in my head just wasn't possible to put together in that amount of time. >> reporter: sharp-eyed viewers have already detected that some of the rehearsal choreography looks a whole lot like, let it be so, single ladies. perfect for a game after which the winners will get to put a ring on it. >> i can't give too much way. i can say that every single second matters. we're working. ♪ say my name say my name >> reporter: say my name. wondering who that "we" might be?
8:17 am
it's been buzzed that this sunday might see kelly rowland and michelle williams on hand, for a destiny's child reunion. she did sing their praises. >> there is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have. >> reporter: from this breathtaking "gq" cover to the rehearsal photos on tumblr, she's doing her part to get the fans revved up for game time. >> i feel like the fans are part of this. i want them to be a part of every step of the way. >> reporter: and just in case you were wondering. ♪ in air >> i will absolutely be singing live. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> and dancing. did you see those moves? >> she's really raised the stakes by saying she'll absolutely be singing live. >> she's going to do it. it will be a show. let's switch gears now to anna nicole smith's daughter, dannielynn. she's modeling for guess. the clothing line that made her mom famous.
8:18 am
and abc's deborah roberts joins us. i'm assuming guess for kids. not guess for you and me. >> a different campaign, elizabeth and lara. get set to see a lot more of dannielynn birkhead. as she gets set to start the worldwide guess gig. it was a tough call for her dad who's been trying to shelter his little girl from the media spotlight they were caught up in after her mom died. you might remember it included a highly publicized dna test to prove that larry was dannielynn's father. with the tabloids circuit behind him, larry is devoted to giving his little girl a normal life. >> there she goes. >> reporter: there she goes. i visited the father-daughter duo at their home just outside louisville, kentucky. oh, very good. a single dad, larry does it all. driving his first grader to school every day. tucking her into bed each night. what kind of dad are you? >> i think part of me struggles to be the cool dad.
8:19 am
and part of me wants to be the disciplinarian. it's hard flipping the switch. because she's at the age now where she knows how to push my buttons. >> reporter: and take advantage. >> uh-oh, we don't smack dad. don't smack. no, no, no, no, no. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: but the hardest part of his job, explaining what happened to mommy. >> there's days at school she'll come home and she'll just blurt out and start crying, i want my mom. after you turn the corner, wipe your tears, you say, i want her, too. but you have a special mom, and she's an angel. >> reporter: but it's not only her mom's tragic death he'll have to explain. in the age of google and youtube, anna nicole's sordid past lives on. what will you say to her about the not-so-pleasant details of her mom's life? >> i will use things as a cautionary tale. right now, every little girl has a vision of their mom being, you know, this hero to them. she doesn't have that. she has, um --
8:20 am
>> reporter: it's tough, huh? >> i try to make her mom have a presence in some way, that she can understand. >> reporter: who do you see in her most? anna, you, both? >> i don't know. it's a really good mix. i think she looks a lot like me. i think she has her mom's eyebrows and her mom's smile. >> reporter: and clearly, her mom's big personality. >> she seems to be a little stubborn. she shops like her mom. she's an infomercial queen. everything they say, call now, 1-800, blah, blah, blah. daddy that, daddy that. that was her mom. >> please, please, throw me some diamonds. >> reporter: and next week, another similarity. dannielynn is the new face of the guess kids line.
8:21 am
>> if she doesn't get any other way to connect with her mom, she has that picture of her mom as a guess model, she has hers beside it, she may look back and say, we did something together in a way. you know? >> reporter: so many are asking, is this the beginning of a modeling career for dannielynn? a big modeling career. don't count on it. larry says they're settling into a life of girl scouts, public schools, and sleepovers. he's trying his best to give her a normal childhood. >> good for him. good for him. >> we can see much more of deborah's fantastic story on -- >> "20/20." >> tonight, at 10:00, 9:00 central. let's go back now to josh and sam in new orleans. hey, guys. >> thank you, elizabeth. thank you, everybody there in new york. so happy to be here in new orleans. happy to be here with the louisiana native son tim mcgraw. a new album coming out tuesday. already have a top ten hit. no surprise. you're going to perform live for
8:22 am
us in just a few minutes. it's good to catch up with you, my friend. i will say -- he showed up in just the purple t-shirt. like he was showing off. it was a little cold. >> a little cold. i forgot my band-aids. i had to put a jacket on. >> the new album. you read about it. you went old school. you sat there and you just recorded and recorded and recorded. >> what we wanted to do is, i just didn't want to go in and punch the clock, which you never really do. but put a great band together, a great bunch of musicians. i worked with all of them individually, never as a group. all of them together. we sort of went in and we did the submarine thing. hung together for about two weeks straight, every day, all our meals were brought in. everybody just sort of got clustered in there. >> is that the -- the creative process kind of forces something out of that? >> absolutely. everybody gets vested in it in a lot of ways. when you have that much talent around, you want all their ideas and you want all their input. >> truck, yeah, southern girl.
8:23 am
you have some energetic songs and also some reflective stuff coming out of it. tell me about the mix on the album. >> well, you know, as you get older, you know, all your life experiences creep into your music. you start having a lot more to say. i wanted a broad spectrum on the album. the one thing i can say, no matter what the subject matter is, there's a sense of optimism sonically. i think when you listen to it, even on a song like book of john, which is really reflective and about looking back on your life and thinking about your father dying and things like that, there's still a sense of optimism to it. >> your whole life is like that now. the "people" magazine. by the way, hello, there, right on the cover. hello there. >> the picture they didn't use is the one i wanted to use. that was with a basketball and nothing else. >> you're a sports guy.
8:24 am
i know you're a big sports fan. you were in "the blind side." the story of michael oher, who is here as a member of the baltimore ravens. it's incredible. you played sean tuohy. in the movie. we just wanted to bring in sean tuohy. >> where's sean at? >> hey, come on! how you doing, brother? good to see you. >> i'm doing all right. >> terrific. >> that was from bird hunting. >> what was it like to see tim play you on the biggest of screens? >> well, having tim mcgraw be you for four months doesn't stink. >> i had to wear a lot of makeup to look as good as sean. >> all right. you know mama always sends presents. >> oh, right on. >> it's not an emsworth jersey. but it is the best i can do. team oher. >> you won't have to worry about changing colors. >> how is michael doing? >> came and ate last night. they're the opposite of us. we get nervous at game time. they're nervous until game time.
8:25 am
so -- he was good last night. >> another day at the office. come sunday night. great seeing you. >> great seeing you. >> an honor. >> let's go. >> we're going to take you out to the concert. let's go. let's go. >> i'm ready. >> go nowhere, people. >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen z. an amber alert was lifted by oakland police a short timing a after the suspect turned himself in. there is no missing child. a highway sign showing the amber
8:26 am
alert early this morning, but the highway patrol issued the alert after a woman told authorities a man drove away with their daughter following a domestic dispute. however there was no child with him when he surrendered to police. police searched for the child and have determined there was no such child or abduction. >> now, sue, how is the commute? >> a couple of problems. west 580 at top of the altamont pass, a big rig caught fire but it is out of the lane so the traffic is moving at the limit there. also, southbound 680, an accident there and in san mateo, north 101 at third, another accident there. >> our meteorologist, mike
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> i have the temperatures now, it is 50 in oakland so we off to the races and a lost 30's and 40's. temperatures are again above average by four to eight degrees putting us in the mid-to-upper 60's. the beaches this week, the surf is rough, and it will be cooler with finally a chance of rain [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:29 am
that right there was tim mcgraw's band warming up. country soup star and sam making their way to the house of blues, traffic willing. sam is driving. tim taking the stage in moments. can't wait for that. so much going on here at the super tailgate party in new orleans. wanted to send a little something to elizabeth and lara back home there in new york. and, oh, boy. things are going on. we have a gospel choir here. sherri shepherd super bowl coming up. and we have emeril. and emeril, what do we got, buddy? >> let me tell you. in the top ten this weekend, dips. we're going make a dip. we have gumbo, because we're in new orleans. >> all right. i see, we got a lot of cheese. >> a lot of cheese. >> fantastic. i'm not arguing. get me started here. >> what we're going to do first of all, in the top ten food
8:30 am
groups, this week end, is the second most consumed food holiday consider the super bowl as a holiday, in the country. >> yes. think that's good. >> what we're going to do is start with a roux. equal parts of butter and flour. we're going cook that roux like i'm doing here. >> that's what we're going to be -- >> it's going to cook like that. slow. we're going add lots of garlic. lots of shallots in here. and then to that roux, once that sort of perfumes a little bit, we're going to add some cream. you can add milk. very light as you know. >> no cal. >> very light. seasonings, salt, cayenne. and we're going to whisk that in here. whisk that in here. after about ten minutes, it's
8:31 am
incorporated. it looks like this. >> oh, looks so good. >> now watch. cheese. come on. come on. >> more cheese. >> more cheese. more cheese like this, too? whisk it in. stir it in. >> i'm stirring. emmitt, get in here, emmitt. >> what's up, baby. >> true story. by the way. i'm walking out of your restaurant last night, stopped by the table, emmitt myth is dining there. >> you stopped by his table because of his beautiful wife. that's right. now we have -- >> oh, that smells good. >> we're going incorporate this. you can dip it with pretzels, chips, beef jerky. >> really? >> here we go. >> emmitt. i gotta -- is this worth ending
8:32 am
playing career for? >> this is why i don't want to play in the game. >> josh, give me a ladle. let me have a bowl. all right, you got a spoon? >> did you use some of this right here? >> yes, yes. >> here you go. we're going serve that with a little rice. serve it with a little rice, brother. >> this is when i really hate my job. this is tough. really really tough. >> this is duck and smoked sausage gumbo here. let's hook up emmitt. a smoon, a little rice. >> it's amazing. but it's hot. >> what do you think? we're cooking here, josh. i mean, whoo! >> and delicious. >> are you ready for some, too? >> how long. >> i just learned something. i'm going wait. >> no, no, no.
8:33 am
mix in the rice. it cools down the temperature a little bit. >> drew brees is over there. he needs gumbo. come on, drew. oh, yeah, baby. >> good to see you. >> how are you, buddy? >> i've never turned down your gumbo. >> you don't get in every day, do you? >> speaking of drew, are you getting this every day? >> what's that? >> are you getting this every day? >> absolutely. >> since he arrived in town, drew, he's been doing nothing but eating. >> i would love to have a walk down the street off with the two of you. >> it would be impossible. >> come on. come on. >> i told people, we're hosting the super bowl. this year, we're not in it. don't count us out next year. >> i wouldn't think of it. >> emmitt smith, emmitt smith. >> in is a first. >> the greatest man to ever
8:34 am
carry ball. how is it? >> it is awesome. >> emmitt smith, everybody. >> oh, okay. for breakfast. >> emeril, i got -- do you mind if i both ter other mayor of the city. >> please do. >> hey, everybody. emeril! come here, drew. let's step out here. three years ago, does that feel? how far ago -- how long ago does that feel now? >> a lot's happened in the last three years. so -- i guess just the time flying when you're having fun. there's um -- certainly, you know, that super bowl moment for us was so special and i tell you what, once you feel that, all you think about is to get back. >> for you as an athlete, it was a special moment. i knee ow we have the enduring, iconic shot with you and your
8:35 am
son, baylen with the confetti. is he old enough to appreciate it? >> he's 4 years old. it's amazing to look at the picture and see him now. he's starting to get it. daddy plays football. when he goes to work he's playing in the big game. he alwayses me, what jersey where yare you wearing, the black or the white? >> how tough is it to have two teams come in and play for a tight until your town? >> it's tough because you can't imagine anybody else playing in your building but your. but the fact gnat the super bowl is here in new orleans is huge. 11 years. new orleans has been champing at the bit to get it back. this is the tenth super bowl, unprecedented. there's a reason it's been here ten times. we know now put on an event and throw a party. >> i know you're working real hard on real problem in this country.
8:36 am
obesity in children. what are you doing? >> childhood obesity is at epidemic pro portions. 1 of 3 kids is overweight or obese. programs like play 60. programs through a lot of organizations where it's about teaching these kids now live a healthy and active lifestyle. we start off by saying kids, work out 60 minutes a day. that can be running around the playground, playing sports. that could be playing in the living rom on connect x box 360. as interactive gaming continues to evolve, that's a great way to be active as well. the 60 million minutes challenge. let's get 1 million kids of all ages, that can be me and you, to register 60 minutes of exercise a day. >> i gotta tell you. you could not ask for a better ambassador. super bowl champion.
8:37 am
ambassador of the city. thank you. i do believe, we have a samuel j. champion sighting at the house of blues. >> if this morning could get any better, my friend, from outside the house to inside the house. the house of blues. tim mcgraw is on stage. let's give you a little weather so we can get to the music. your twitter and facebook pictures are in. good morning, detroit, michigan. this is what it looks like outside. louisiana, a picture outside. if you're making plans to move around the country, a couple of things you should know. it's mild down south and stays that way. we had a chill this morning in new orleans. by saturday and sunday, we're at 67, almost 70 degrees. a quick look at the nation on the weekend and a fly by. on a friday, why should you
8:38 am
move? let the map come to you. that air stagnation continues into the northwest. we're, by the way, in new orleans, let everybody hear you. hey, everybody. haul that weather was brought you to by kay jewelers. we're in the house of blues. look who is over my shoulder, right down there with the band. that's tim mcgraw. come right back, go nowhere. "gma" live in new orleans.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
monday, talk about a super show, we're running around new orleans with the sexiest man alive. plus, robin roberts's home coming to the gulf coast. and we're giving away tickets to oscar's red carpet. we're live in the house of blues, ladies and gentlemen. tim mcgraw is with us. two lanes is the album. let's get the music, tim. one of those nights.
8:42 am
♪ ♪ she's getting dressed up putting on that lipstick ♪ ♪ shimmy shaking right into them cut-offs baby, oh yeah ♪ ♪ you're getting off work cashing out that paycheck ♪ ♪ gotta change that shirt and pick that girl up on her front step ♪ ♪ here she comes now looking so fine ♪ ♪ you've been waiting on this night ♪ ♪ for such a long long time ♪ ♪ she slides in and you roll down main street ♪ ♪ you turn right when that red light turns green ♪ ♪ sun sets now you're halfway to heaven ♪ ♪ she picks a song you turn it up to 11 ♪ ♪ you say, do you wanna? and she says, hell, yeah ♪ ♪ so you hit the party all your buddies are jealous ♪
8:43 am
♪ someday you'll be looking back on your life ♪ ♪ at the memories this is gonna be one of those nights ♪ ♪ crowded backyard everybody's laughing ♪ ♪ kinda party next week you'll say i was there when it happened ♪ ♪ coming up on midnight bout time to get gone ♪ ♪ and then the dj starts to play your favorite song ♪ ♪ you slow dance for three minutes or so ♪ ♪ and then she whispers baby let's go ♪ ♪ and then she slides in and she gives you the green light ♪ ♪ you hold off till you turn off the headlights ♪ ♪ someday when you're looking back on your life at the memories ♪ ♪ this is gonna be one of those nights yeah, one of those nights ♪
8:44 am
♪ ♪ full moon through a crack in the windshield ♪ ♪ you hold her close and you'll never forget ♪ ♪ how her heartbeat feels no, you never will ♪ ♪ cause someday when you're looking back on your life ♪ ♪ at the memories this is gonna be one of those nights ♪ ♪ yeah, one of those nights one of those nights ♪ ♪ yeah, one of those nights one of those nights ♪ ♪ oh one of those nights
8:45 am
this is gonna be one of those nights ♪ ♪ one of those nights [ cheers and applause ] 8taúxñesp
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ get the deejay to play our favorite song ♪ a little bit of heart ache.
8:48 am
it felt good on my lips. from emotional traffic, i give you tim mcgraw. ♪ ♪ she said mer name was a hand me down name ♪ ♪ from the side of a family that long ago came ♪ ♪ over here on a boat from somewhere in spain ♪ ♪ sounded to me just a little bit strange, i guess ♪ ♪ but i have to admit it felt good on my lips ♪ ♪ she tipped the deejay to play her favorite song ♪ ♪ a spanish little number that was rockin' on strong ♪ ♪ she grabbed me by the sleeve and said, let's go
8:49 am
and get it on ♪ ♪ by the second chorus i was singing right along with it ♪ ♪ i don't know what it meant but it felt good on my lips ♪ ♪ oh oh oh i i wanna go crazy you can go crazy too ♪ ♪ oh oh oh i wan that -- wanna go crazy i wanna go crazy with you ♪ ♪ everybody sayin' whoa how sweet it is ♪ ♪ whoa yeah it felt good on my lips ♪ ♪ she ordered us a drink it was a purple kind of pink ♪ ♪ she said it's got a shot of a little bit of everything ♪ ♪ mellow yellow umbrella for a fella like me ♪ ♪ it was just a bit mellow
8:50 am
for me to be seen with ♪ ♪ but i took a sip yeah it felt good on my lips ♪ ♪ oh oh oh i wanna go crazy you can go crazy too ♪ ♪ oh oh oh i wanna go crazy i wanna go crazy with you ♪ ♪ everybody sayin' whoa how sweet it is ♪ ♪ whoa yeah it felt good on my lips ♪ come on! ♪ ♪ when the lights came on
8:51 am
and they hollered last call ♪ ♪ i was busy getting lost in her cherry lip gloss ♪ ♪ in a little corner booth eye to eye no talk ♪ ♪ she leaned in close and gave me one long and wet ♪ ♪ goodnight goodbye kiss and it felt good on my lips ♪ ♪ whoa how sweet it is whoa whoa ♪ ♪ whoa how sweet it is whoa yeah it felt good on my lips ♪ [ cheers and applause ]ñcús
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] and that's a friday. huh? thanks to tim mcgraw. thanks to emeril lagasse.
8:55 am
thanks to jerry rice, and emmitt smith, and drew brees. >> thank you, new orleans. "gma" live is online.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. san francisco authorities hope for peaceful celebrations after the super bowl repeating a repeat of the vandalism from the
8:58 am
giants victory. mike nicco is here with the important weekend forecast. mike? >> well start with today, warmer than average. we are look at four to maybe eight degrees warmer than where we should be which is low-to-mid 70's and a few upper 60's, oakland and san jose. now, the seven-day outlook, rain and cooler weather next week. sue? >> bad accident, now, on the peninsula, at university, southbound 101, palo alto, up to seven cars involved blocking the center lane there. expect delays, southbound 680 at stone valley the accident is cleared from lanes and traffic is slow from sick more valley. >> thank you, please join us for announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the animated movie "escape from planet earth," sarah jessica parker. and from the series "house of cards," kate mara. plus, your questions and comments when the co-hosts open up the inbox. all next on the emmy-award
8:59 am
winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! wow. oh my gosh, hello up there! [cheers and applause] thank you! can you tell it's friday? michael: you can tell it's friday. kelly: friday, february 1, 2013. of course, so many of you are wearing red. it is national red dress day. it is heart awareness for wom

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